Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's taking you so long? #2

Please accept my sincere apologies for the prolonged silence and lack of updates, here is what's been going on with me. The good news is that I resumed working on Jabbithole.

To put things in perspective: I am an ex-smoker who've been smoking at least four packs a day, up until a bit more than four years ago, when I switched to e-cigarettes. Not a fag since then. In my country I am one of the very few active advocates who stand up against the idiocy of governmental institutes who've been stuck in the Dark Ages somehow with the intent to eliminate vaping completely. Let's not dwelve into the specifics and nuances, but for me it's a very important matter. I am also acting as the spokesperson of the local vaping association, and as such I have to appear on television and the radio from time to time when they decide to invite me.

About a day before I left for my trip to Ireland things sort of turned upside down in my home country. The ministry of public health announced their proposed bill to bash vaping out of existence, and in parallel said institutes started to flood the media with their blatant lies about electronic cigarettes, twisting and thwarting public opinion into nothing short of pure madness.

As you can imagine I've found myself unexpectedly busy upon my return from Ireland. Since then I've been writing an insane amount of petitions, complaints, articles, speeches and similar stuff, and spent a lot of time preparing for media appearances. This practically consumed my whole November. If it's any sort of consolation, I had to put aside my violin practices as well. I know it's not, but still.

Now the initial rush is over, and I am once again able to carve out some spare time for Jabbithole. So the work is resumed, and I have every intention to finish and publish the WildStar Reloaded update. It's been truly eating at me, not being able to do so.

So, once again, sorry for the delay, but 24 hours a day is sometimes not enough, especially during an epic shit-storm like the one I've been sucked up into lately. Also, if it's not too much to ask for, please cross your fingers for me and my fellow vapers, we're gonna need it.


  1. Thx for the update and the great work you have done so far. I will cross my fingers i know how hard it is to stop smoking pretty much and im a vaper Too. So good luck and keep up the fight ;)

  2. Thanks a lot for the update ! Crossing fingers for you. I totally quit smoking & month ago (from 1 pack/day to _zero_) and thus know how hard it can be. We also have a government that is reeeeeeeally dumb sometimes in my country and it's good to see some people stand up and fight for their rights. Thumbs up for this, you don't need any excuse ;)

    Now on the Jabbithole part :
    - Is there anything that the community could do to help you (besides uploading data) ? Like a github somewhere or some place to contribute to the website construction itself... Just say the word. We really need a tool as goos as Wowhead (to name one).
    - Will Jabbithole get translations in any future ?

    Thanks again for the great work !
    Cheers from Belgium !!

  3. Hey there. Greate work you are doing.

    With all those topics you are dealing with, why not open this to comunity? We could do this together.

    It would be a lot easier (and faster) to get things up and running again.

    Comunity needs your site back again as soon as possible.


  4. Its good to see that you are alive and kicking ass ;-)

    Are you Swede by any chance ? Your story sounds like it :-P Vi hörs ;-)

  5. Thanks for all the work you put into Jabbithole. It is a resource that I utilize very often. It has been some time since your last update and I hope all is going well for you and combating the bill against e-cigarettes. Is there anything the community could do to help get jabbithole on to the latest release?

  6. Can we get a update please? we all love your stuff and miss your impact on the community